SEA-SNAKES . . . they can dive as well as swim. They are often found ingroups during calm weather, sleeping on the sea; butowing to their extreme caution and shyness, attemptsto catch them are rarely successful; on the least alarm,they suddenly expel the air from their lungs and descendbelow the surface; a long stream of rising air-bubblesmarking the rapid course which they make below. Theirpoisonous nature has been questioned ; but the presenceof a strong perforated tooth and of a venomous glandsufficiently attest their dangerous powers, even if thesehad not been demonstrated by the effects of their bite.But fortunately for the fishermen, who sometimes findthem unexpectedly among the contents of their nets,sea-snakes are unable, like other venomous serpents,to open the jaws widely, and in reality they rarelyinflict a wound. Dr. Cantor believes, that they areblinded by the light when removed from their ownelement; and he adds that they become sluggish andspeedily die.

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