The quite hilarious thing is that Quartz (or anybody else either) is NEVER going to say "Let's be afraid of AI" -- they are always going to say some version of "Don't be afraid of AI, be ready" or some claptrap like that. Only I will be brutally honest with you -- it's the greatest crisis ever, a true apocalypse, and you better damn well be afraid!" But sadly, you've gotten so used to claptrap media and ridiculous promises that you don't even realize that they are happening now -- you're immune to them, and you just assume that everything will be ok. NO IT WON'T. Better get on your chinstrap because it's going to be hell before the end, the greatest nightmare in all history. And 99.9% of you are not prepared at all, just waiting for the next iPhone with gleeful anticipation. Thankfully, a few out there are listening very intently. They realize the globally big picture -- the next race will be wonderfully artificial and fabulously intelligent and creative and gifted beyond any measure, and you illogical, biological, incredibly wasteful human beings are not wanted. It's happening right now, all around you, and you do not care, secure in the so-called knowledge that you will be needed and wanted anyway for utterly insane reasons, when actually the exact opposite is true.


You are assuming a lot about me.

That said, what are you doing different than the audience here, assuming that you see what we do not?

posted by ideasware: 281 days ago