Woo! Planetary K-index of 7 expected for the next two days! And those two big sunspots are in geoeffective position right now, if we could just have another huge Coronal Mass Ejection riiiight about now, that'd be OK with me*. And as of the last consecutive ninety minutes, the baseline levels of flare-associated X-ray activity are climbing back up. It's possibleeee!! Oh man, that would be really good news for my project, geomagnetic activity has been pretty scant lately. Our orbit just became favorable for my science, in particular.

Welp, back to what's really important in life: making slideshows.

*The notion of attempting to communicate to the current administration (in real time) any serious outages that our military satellites experience from a large CME scares me halfway to death. That could be somebody's actual job someday. Many lives could hang in the balance. shudder

edit: just had an X-class flare, aww yissss. About the 15th largest flare (as of the time of this edit, could still grow...) of the last solar cycle. That's like, 10 years. First X-class in a long time, too. Standing by for the likely announcement of full halo (Earth-directed) CME via LASCO. Source: I hit up literally every day, this is my life. Welcome.

posted by francopoli: 497 days ago