A good summation of her progress but there should be an Adrian Chen trigger warning. Mostly just recycled info. Horrible click bait "journalist".

NYer Bio: "His story for Gawker exposing a notorious Internet troll won a 2013 Mirror Award from Syracuse University’s S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications."

Lol. Awarded by the owner of reddit for doxxing one of the most prolific reddit mods but neglected to mention Chen was the biggest troll on reddit that very year.

He doxxed. He posted a tear jerker as /u/LucidEnding pretending to be about to end his life pursuant to Oregon's right to die legislation. It wasn't even well written or convincing but massive karma whoring nonetheless. And learned his best at Gawker when it was at it's worst.

posted by lm: 295 days ago