So I've mentioned when I first joined that I'm into writing, and I want to share a sample of how I normally write. It's an excerpt from a story I'm writing, Sunset Jesus (Named after and inspired by the Avicii song).

    It was a bright April day, and as the street performers hung out at the café, sipping cheap lattes and talking about the news, Rick decided to broach the topic. “Boris?”

    “Guilty as charged.” Boris set down his coffee, nodding to Rick. “Something’s on your mind, I can tell.”

    “Yeah,” Rick took a sip from his latte. It tasted like mud, but it was all he had the money for. “Who’s this dude you guys keep talking about? The one Marcus said showed up on Castro?”

    “…oh, that guy.” Boris sighs. “I’m surprised you don’t know about Sunset Jesus after a year and a half on San Francisco’s streets.”

    “Sunset Jesus?”

    “Yeah, you heard me right. He once was a waiter, now he’s a savior making money on the streets. It’s said that if Sunset Jesus comes to you, you’re about to strike it big”. Boris takes a long swig from the latte, finishing it off. “Don’t place all your hopes on him, though; there’s thousands of street performers in San Fran, and even with that many of us the odds of anyone seeing Sunset Jesus, let alone having him come to them, are really small.”

    “…holy…” Rick swears under his breath. “Assuming he does come to me though, how do I recognize him?”

    “Good question!” Boris laughs, almost knocking his guitar over. “You’ll just know when you’ve seen Sunset Jesus, because no one really knows what he looks like.”

    Rick groans. “Are you sure this Sunset Jesus is a real person then, or is that just what you call someone who offers you a job at a recording agency or something?”

    “Dead certain. I hear he haunts places for a bit after coming to someone, so if you want to at least see Sunset Jesus, your best bet is to perform on Castro Street.”

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