I didn't make it to totality but I didn't let it stop me from having fun playing with the shadows!

I knew I would be posting pics for you guys and gals, so I made a special pinhole projector for the occasion:

It's a hubwheel! Here's what it looks like not held far apart:

And my favorite part - the tree shadows!

My observations were that the light after approximately 80% felt like it was about 5pm. The dog thought it was a fine time to take a nap. I am for sure making it to totality in 2024, even if I have to walk!


Ready to view

Worker dudes, kind of sceptical of the whole affair. Got brought down by corporate to stare at the sun? Sounds stupid.

Less sceptical once it started!

Little pinhole moons were super cute.

My amazing idea - make the company logo pinhole style. I tried to explain to everyone how awesome it would be, but I don't think anyone really got it until they saw it in real life during the eclipse. I think it tuned out pretty well:

My little promo video of the whole thing. The actual eclipse footage is stolen from the internet since I didn't have the gear to film that. Not my best work since I was a little spread thin also taking pictures on the camera and iphone for the social media but I think it turned out decent enough.

It was a fun experience, definitely want to go see the real thing in 2024 (can't believe I was at 99! soclose!)

posted by Dala: 425 days ago