Note the semi-questionable source; one person and some allegations on David Brock's media company. However, the WaPo did do a profile on this house back in April or whatever that was a lot less damaging, perhaps because they didn't want to focus on the salacious stuff while they were busy chasing Russians and tax returns.

What I find interesting is Bannon is out yesterday, he's got his "hands back on his weapons and the battle lines are forming:

    In a conversation that amounted to a primal scream, Coulter repeatedly attacked her former hero for betraying his constituency, belittled White House aides such as Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller, accused the president of kowtowing to the same news media he professes to loathe, and otherwise raged at the dying of the wall along with any number of other populist policy prescriptions that Trump touted to beat the Republican establishment and Hillary Clinton.

    “The millions of people who haven’t voted for 30 years and came out to vote for Trump, thinking ‘finally, here’s somebody who cares about us’—Nope!” Coulter declared. “Republicans, Democrats—doesn’t matter! Jeb exclamation point, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton—doesn’t matter. Goldman Sachs is running the country!”

They might just be eating their own. If I were Roger Stone I'd do my damnedest to get this story out.


Somewhere in the youporn offices a marketer checks the search statistics and shudders.

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