Columbia Engineering researchers are first to reproducibly achieve the current blockade effect using atomically precise molecules at room temperature, a result that could lead to shrinking electrical components and boosting data storage and computing power.

    “We found that these clusters can perform very well as room-temperature nanoscale diodes whose electrical response we can tailor by changing their chemical composition,” says Venkataraman. “Theoretically, a single atom is the smallest limit, but single-atom devices cannot be fabricated and stabilized at room temperature. With these molecular clusters, we have complete control over their structure with atomic precision and can change the elemental composition and structure in a controllable manner to elicit certain electrical response.”

Link to the Nature Nanotechnology article.

I'm excited. It's clearly far from getting to any manufacturing stage, but sheer fact that it can be made at the room temperature is astonishing. I'll try to add more after reading the Nature paper.

posted by Devac: 310 days ago