After two years of living in this room, I am finally showing some nesting behaviour. In mice, that is usually a good sign :)

I have a large room with a loft bed that is rather close to the ceiling. On the opposite of the bed there is a space about 150cm x 150cm (5 foot x 5 foot) and 80cm (2.6 foot) height that I used to store all the boxes I had from moving in. It really annoyed me and I finally managed to clean it up.

Now I am wondering what I should do with it. On the "ground floor" I have my desk and a corner with a couch opposite to a screen with projector. I also have enough space for storage and I do not intend on using it for storage anymore.

I thought about putting in a rug and making it a reading corner. But I have that already with the couch. The other option was to grow some edible mushrooms there or something...

What do you guys think? Any ideas? :)


My initial feeling is to remove it if you don't need it? Or use it as a bed? My friend got rid of his at the beginning of the summer because he just used his for storage.

posted by Cumol: 337 days ago