Thanks in no small part to Devac's diligent white hat efforts, it's no longer possible for anyone to see anyone else's PMs. And thanks to basic decency I'm not going to share mine. But I'll say this:

TFG and I have a complex history. Some are aware. Some are not. Suffice it to say that while a lot of it has been public, a lot of it hasn't. I doubt I'm Hubski's only Father Confessor but I also doubt few would be surprised to find out that people reach out to me often. Even people who have publicly held me out as examples of all that is wrong in the world.

I blocked TFG three times. I'm a contentious sonofabitch, obviously. Less obviously, I unblocked TFG four times. Personally, I think that demonstrates more about a willingness to communicate than an unwillingness. In between were a number of exchanges on IRC and via PM. TFG and I talked a lot, and talked about talking a lot. He pilloried me publicly once for offering unsolicited advice; he thanked me privately two years later after he followed it.

The conversation that led him to QQing his way out of here was no different than a couple we'd had privately. It was, in fact, no different than discussions we'd had at his request. Sometimes he takes things well. Sometimes he does not. I'm sorry to see him go but, based on past interactions, unsurprised. I bear him no ill will but doubt he feels the same. At least right now. Six months from now?

I can't stop anybody from speculating. But I can point out that you're speculating.


I did manage to catch up with him. I don't think it's my place to be his spokesperson here; if he wants to come back and talk about things then that's his prerogative.

However, I will say that:

1. Whilst his exchanges with kleinbl00 did come up, they were not ultimately the reason why he left.

2. He has no intention of returning.

posted by kleinbl00: 344 days ago