Wow the pub opened nine hours ago. Then I remembered that the rest of the world wakes up three hours earlier than the Pacific coast.

Speaking of time my birthday is coming up soon and I actually DID write a one-woman show for my birthday AND gave a preview of it this just past Monday in Vancouver.


people were omg, lil, you have to take this on the road, to the Fringe, to the . . .


I'm, like, no. I'm committed to doing it in my backyard, at my birthday party in Ontario on August 19 (real birthday August 16), and that's it.

It's pretty raw: domestic violence, recovery and redemption, crazy husband shit, nightmares of dating, and more redemption. It's hard enough to live it, but to relive it (on stage) and make it funny [note laughter in picture] is exhausting.

But yay!! it's done.

The title of the piece is Every Marriage Is a Good Marriage: Even the Bad Ones.

posted by pubski: 374 days ago