On a July morning in 2014, a third-generation cattleman named Mitch Heguy was driving his truck along Susie Creek in Elko County, Nevada, when he saw something peculiar. It was one of his neighbor Jon Griggs’ cows, standing there with an odd-looking, circular wound on her shoulder, several inches in diameter, with its blood crusted over her dark hide. Heguy wondered if it was a particularly horrible rattlesnake bite, or if the heifer had stuck herself with a tree branch, which cattle can do on a bad day. But as the rancher looked closer, squinting in the sun, he decided it had to be the result of something more intentional, nefarious even. It was a bullet wound. He called Griggs. “I think someone shot one of your cows,” he said.

posted by ButterflyEffect: 376 days ago