We went to Destroyer for lunch.

That's steak tartare, smoked egg cream, puffed rice, inoki mushrooms, sprouts, sesame seeds and mutherfucking matcha powder.

This is chicken confit, some other cream thing, riced yukon gold potatoes, hazelnuts, and shit-tons of parmesan. And dill.

This is Vespertine.

These are steps at Vespertine.

This is Vespertine's food, ostensibly.

I'm not entirely sure Jordan Kahn isn't punking Los Angeles. This is how you'd do it. Oddly enough, the food at Destroyer was largely delicious, despite being some of the weirdest shit I've ever eaten. I'd say something snarky but I spent my morning looking at half million dollar watches. The people couldn't be nicer. When the watchmaker at Vacheron Constantin heard I was thinking of going to "the Rolex school" in Seattle he threw his card at me and told me to look him up if I ever wanted to "come over to the dark side."

I've decided Van Cleef & Arpels is my spirit animal and I'm not sure what that says about me, other than I'm drinking Gran Marnier and listening to Sleep.


I'll stick with black metal albums, bourbon and takeout chinese for my gloomy dining experiences but points for chutzpah.

posted by kleinbl00: 660 days ago