Per steve's request, here are the highlights from the recent The Sextet tour

- The first day we drove 15 hours with plans to camp in Sinclair, WY (our first show was the following night in Boise). We passed through Denver where we met with steve. He took us to a killer burrito spot and bought lunch for the whole crew, which was extremely appreciated. Also learned steve dislikes being called "boss."

When we arrived to our campsite we were happy to see we were the only ones there. It was right next to a river with a nice rock structure and the sky was so clear at night we saw the Milky Way - perfection.

As we were unpacking our tent a roadrunner was squawking loudly but we paid it no mind. It was as we started the fire that we realized the roadrunner's nest was in the fire pit. We immediately moved the eggs to another location, but at that point it was too late. We took a moment of silence to mourn.

- Hempfest was exactly as you can imagine, a hazy high blurred memory. The band before us was West-Coast-Indie-Funk-Chili-Peppers-esque Shwazy Train and they were the chillest dudes you can imagine. If you're reading this Elliot, "crunchy." The band after us was a group from Reno named Lizano. Their guitarist was interesting. Imagine Bradley Cooper as Ben Stiller.

The band after Lizano didn't show up so we ended up doing a group jam for hours. 11 people on stage at once. A dispensary with a booth threw joints at us and at one point everyone on stage was smoking simultaneously. Again we saw the Milky Way.

- Redding, CA was an unexpected blast. We rolled up to the unassuming venue, a bar with a stage. Mind you we had played in Portland the previous night to a packed house at my favorite venue in town where I had given countless hugs to old friends (and met flac!). At this point we had really felt we were on the downhill of the tour. How mistaken we were.

It was as if the entire town of Redding had come out to see the show - the house was packed. And as any musician knows this only increases the energy of the music.

It was as the drummer and guitarist were setting up a groove that I remembered I forgotten to book us a place to camp/sleep/crash that night. On a whim I asked the audience for a suggestion of a place to camp and then joined the groove Fritz and Pete established. After that set FOUR different people came up and offered us their home. We ended up staying with Tiger and Bob who lived 30 minutes into rural Northern California. We smoked a ton of weed, danced to Little People, and played with their dog. TigerBob was trying to go hard and offered us whiskey and that's when Fritz and I decided to set up hammocks out back and fall asleep under the stars. For those keeping track, Milky Way sightings: 3

- We spent the day after our gig in LA exploring the town and camped at Joshua Tree that night. I was the only one of the guys who had been before so you can imagine their astonishment at seeing those other-wordly trees. The next day we'd be in AZ where they aren't too fond of the devil's lettuce. That night we smoked a lot of marijuana and watched the Milky Way.

- The last gig of the tour was in Dallas and we could not have asked for a better situation. The gig was at the Free Man Cajun Cafe in the hip district of Deep Ellum. The venue hosted live jazz every night from 7-10 so there was built-in crowd. The music was killing, the place was packed, and afterwards we went club hopping and danced our asses off.

There are other stories, but these are definitely the highlights.


It sounds like you guys really know how to tour. That's a fantastic set of highlights. I was glad to meet you along the way.

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