The top comment there discussed the controversy of Victor David Brenner placing his initials on the coin. They don't mention that the removal of his initials created one of the rarer modern US cents, the 1909-S VDB.

I like the Lincoln cent. I've been collecting single examples of dates and mints over the last few months, ever since seeing mk's post on his 100 years of pennies. But I don't like most modern US coinage. The top post pointed out that before the Lincoln cent, US coins followed a Liberty and eagle tradition. I wish we'd go back to that. I dislike the low relief of modern coins, too. The Washington obverse on the quarter is just so flat compared to the previous style.

And as long as I'm on my soapbox, let's stop making pennies and paper singles and force everyone to use dollar coins. But the dollar coins shouldn't suck like the current ones do. No more dead people on the obverse, please.

And since the current Jefferson nickel looks like trash, stop making those, too. I believe I read the nickel has less purchasing power than the half penny did when the mint dropped those.

posted by flagamuffin: 356 days ago