And how did we get this intel? By undermining the entire premise of Scaramucci's threats, of course.

    Asked about press reports that he has already begun to fire West Wing staffers, Scaramucci mentioned that name of a particular staffer floated in a news story as a likely candidate for firing, and said this was one of his frustrations with the leaks coming from the West Wing.

    “This is actually a terrible thing,” he said. “The fact that you guys know about it before he does really upsets me as a human being and as a Roman Catholic, you got that? So I should have the opportunity, if I have to let someone go, to let the person go in a very humane, dignified way.”

It was a close call between posting this or the Boy Scout Jamboree speech [WARNING: video autoplays]. I usually hate listicles, but most other articles include phrases like "...angers parents", and then we arrive at embedded tweets. Nooo.

Edit: mmm sorry, update, confirming one of last week's leaks.

Edit2: In which we finally get to things that unquestionably matter, i.e. legislation: House passes Russia sanctions bill, setting up veto dilemma for Trump. Will he veto? Will he tweet his rage?

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