My friend from the U.S. just sent me this, as he knows I'm fond of my thermomix. They've been popular in Oz since the early 2000s. Is anyone thinking about getting one?



I spent some time clicking around on their website.

I like the concept of it. It seems like it could replace:

- my stand mixer

- my food processor

- my blender

- my crockpot


- the grain mill I want to buy

- the rice cooker I want to buy

- the steamer I don't want to buy

If I were buying all of the above new, it probably wouldn't be that hard to justify springing for one.


My initial impression for the product and marketing is pinging my consumerism meter. I had to puzzle out how it actually works, because they didn't seem too interested in showing me in their videos. It also looks like it'd be a pain to clean. Then again, so is my food processor.

Now I want to see AvE take one apart.

posted by Gem: 573 days ago