The possible impact of these measures are also commented on in an article in the New Republic


Eh, I'll try to keep the feed clear of additional Trump fodder, everybody's probably seen all this crap anyway:

As far as I'm concerned, Trump confirmed the report with his tweet about the leak. When you're gonna go up against the deep state, you should probably make sure you or your appointees and family members aren't involved in questionably legal dealings that they then feel the need to lie about under oath.

Since you've still got one foot left after shooting yourself in the other by confirming a rumor, Trump then tweets about his "complete" power to pardon, presumably in response to whispers that he had been exploring the issue with his team of lawyers.

What's interesting to me is that published rumors and allegations against Trump seem to have a confidence interval of ~95%. So far, there's been one debunked CNN story and the typical left-wing extremist nonsense. But for a large hunk of the country to lose faith in respected journalism institutions (WaPo, NY Times) simply because they're either told to, or don't like the implications of the reported news does not bode well for the next election cycle.

Hey StillWaters, I was creepin' on you a bit. Think I should look for a postdoc in Sweden or Norway?

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