This doesn't seem like a "you can totally investigate that because I've successfully swept billions of dollars in laundered money under the rug without a trace" move, it's more like a "no, seriously, don't investigate that, because then I'd be totally screwed" kinda move.

I predict that Trump will try to fire Mueller within three weeks. That should be enough time for indications that Mueller has begun looking into Trump's finances to come to light.

The other big story of the day, stemming from the same interview. When listening to the audio myself, it immediately struck me as strange that Trump equates Sessions's recusal from the Russia probe with Sessions "not doing his job". It's like helping Trump deal with the heat from Russia-related inquiries was the one thing Trump expected Sessions to do.

My apologies for continuing to post Trump-Russia content here, but I'll never quench my thirst to see this man imprisoned.

Edit: holy shit, it took less than a day for Mueller to announce that you're gooddamn right he's looking into Trump's finances.


Trump's statement about investigating the family finances being a red line is the kind of statement that simply strengthens the "obstruction of justice" case against Trump.

In fairness, NYT were a bit naughty because they were the ones who asked whether that would be a red line (which Trump confirmed), and an hour after releasing the Trump interview they released their article about Deutsche Bank sending documentation to Mueller.

As to the alleged conflicts of interests Trump claims Mueller has, Shaub (until this week head of the Government Ethics) was on MSNBC yesterday saying that none of the issues raised by Trump represent a conflict of interest.

What's also interesting is that through the interview Trump essentially attacked every person in charge of the Russia investigation - Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions. Even at a time when the failed health care bill lead the news, Trump's obsession remains with the investigation. He sure looks like a man keen to cover up dirty affairs!

It is honestly amazing that his lawyers allowed Trump to give the interview to the New York Times.

PS: I'm new to Hubski, but certainly share your interest in this story!

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