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    By now, it may seem that there must be something legally wrong with the FCC’s net neutrality regulations. Under the U.S. Constitution, only Congress can give a specific power to an executive agency (like the FCC)—usually through a statute. Here’s the kicker: the FCC claimed that Congress gave them the power to regulate the internet through the Communications Act of 1934. The observant reader will notice that this law was passed a long time before the internet even existed, though the Act did give the FCC power to regulate “Common Carriers” like radio, wire communication, and telephone companies.

Thoughtful, intelligent commentary.

    Maureen Collins has a B.A. in philosophy from The Catholic University of America. While a proud Hoosier from Indiana, she currently lives and works in Washington DC.

Thoughtful, intelligent commentary.


How long has this Net Neutrality argument been going? Five years? Ten? I remember, way back when, getting into an argument with one of my friends about Net Neutrality and censorship. They were convinced that Net Neutrality allowed internet providers to censor what you see on the internet and I was running in circles trying to explain to them that it's the exact opposite. The headline to this post creates a weird deja vu.

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