Please read the whole post before doing anything, especially if you are a Chrome/Chromium user

OK, so I wanted to allow as painless customisation as possible and here's what I cooked up so far. Please keep in mind that this is an alpha version (to those of you who don't know Ancient Greek, it means "does it work?" :P) and the main reason behind this release is to give me feedback. Something fucks up? Would you like something else to be customisable? If you don't want alternating d20-like colours, then just set both to the same value as you see fit.

To use it you have to install Stylish extension, which is available for:


- Firefox

- Opera

Now, you might have some troubles with identifying some of the options (in the Advanced Settings). That's why I would like to give you those images to consult:

These are the small boxes in your profile page:

That's a feed box:

Input font is the one you would like to see when you are writing a reply to your own posts. If it's not installed on your computer it will not display so keep that in mind.

Those will override the bulk of your current style, but there might be changes depending on which one you have set here on Hubski. Experiment with those as well and give me feedback. Please be specific when doing so, a screenshot is worth a thousand of vague comments.

So? What do you guys think? I will continue to work on it but it all depends on people giving me ideas and reporting bugs.

EDIT (Important)

Fix in case you can't install the style on Chrome/Chromium:

1. Install Tampermonkey instead of Stylish (you can delete Stylish if you don't think you'll ever use it).

2. After going through all of the Advanced Style Settings scroll further down and click Instal style as userscript.

3. Confirm installation on the newly opened page.

I don't know why it might not want to work on Chrome/Chromium as a style. Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT2: Seems like the Chrome/Chromium version is very problematic. The bulk of my tests were done with Firefox and I'm only starting to catch some of the problems. I have no idea why it works so poorly. Guys, please report those. I don't think that it's something that should be said, but I'm not going to get mad because you point problems to me. Especially since it's an alpha version.


Cool! I would like to incorporate custom CSS selection into the site itself.

But, in the meantime, if someone wants to take the initiative and make a new stylesheet, I'd be happy to add it. According to TMI, clean is by far the most popular, followed by dark. I'd like to see if you all could come up something that beats my Tonybee Tile theme.

posted by Devac: 827 days ago