Sorry for the initial resistance, no worries. I wont post any cat pictures without context, as it turns out that why the posts were flagged. It's ok and I understand the reasoning toward curation of intelligent content.


Hi Flaru. Did you delete your posts? I'd like to see what you've added of your own accord. So far as I know, there is no big bad bot removing posts since the new 'promote' system came into place to block out fake users that promote content without community interaction as they did a few months ago. This system has been put in place to vet users as those willing to contribute in the long term. That said, I've seen less and less fresh blood in the global feed and took a chance with fast tracking a handful of users to posting over the span of a couple weeks. You were one. Understanding the need for the current system, I believe a little more leighway in entering a new site could go a long way towards continued engagement. E.g. posts exactly like these.

That said, you/users select what you want to see and who you don't. This consists of your tailored feed, your "front page". On the other hand, moderation is bottom up from here. Those who view global more sometimes take the time to filter global for others. Thus, tagging other users posts as spam for those who filter out the tag. In the event of users self promoting more than they interact, the engagement between poster and likely readers is lost without rapport. The stigma of spam is still fresh here, and the self promotion isn't unwelcome, yet its unlikely to gain traction without relations with others... which come with time, just as in life. Votes (or spokes) don't operate with the same connotation as reddit. It merely communicates to others followers 'Hey, did you read this?'. Series of posts without culminated, reciprocated interest around the site doesn't communicate much to other users who view global other than 'I made this, here!'. If thats the extent of it, then quantity outweighing engaging discourse isnt the intent anymore. Example

In the event of the cat picture, the use of the tag you thought of in your post in the hypocrisy tag would be a welcome addition alongside giving a shout out or mention to who you were posting for. This states 'I made this, here @user!'.

I knew you weren't a bot when 'promoting'. I'm interested in your expectations of self promotion.

posted by Flaru: 343 days ago