We made this last week; I didn't decide to #grubski it until after making the falafel mix. So you all missed out on the excitement of pulsing things through the food processor.


Take all that and then turn it to bits. If you've planned ahead of time, let it sit for a bit in the fridge. I find it holds together better and needs less flour if you include a nice sitting stage.

I didn't plan ahead of time. Originally these chickpeas were gonna be hummus and the falafel was coming from a mix (curiosity killed the cat, but the store was out of mix).

Here we are. All set up and ready to go. The specks in the smaller skillet are sesame seeds that were being toasted for hummus*.

Seltzer water is lemon flavored. Orange flavor is also good. Avoid raspberry unless you like medicine taste.

Since we are pan frying, traditional rounded balls are a pain. Patties = Success.

A subtle gradient of done.

I did make one round one, though.


Local Bread! Not even the stale stuff the coop sells on discount!

sgeorge made hummus! This is much brighter and lemonyer than the stuff I make. It's nice.



* Hummus is an optional extra.


I must respectfully disagree - hummus is not optional for this application.

Seriously though, this was good eatin.

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