So I love space photography and these pictures of Jupiter from Juno's pass a couple days ago are the bomb-diggity. The team posts pictures here for people who want to see/process raw images and then upload the cool ones they've done.

Also I can't wait to see what science comes out of this. The Juno team already published that the magnetosphere they've measured is very different than what we expected Jupiter to have. It's very irregular and pretty strong. Nobody knows what that means about Jupiter internally yet, other than it's probably pretty weird!

Paper on Juno's polar orbit observations

More in-depth paper from that data


They didn't manage to get into the orbit that they had originally planned for, which was designed for atmospheric/planetary science. The five gazillion review panels now required by NASA didn't seem to do much good, then. But anyway, the orbit that the spacecraft is stuck in now is much more suited for magnetosphere mapping, and I'm a magnetosphere guy, so I'm happy.

posted by rocketyak: 339 days ago