Yeah! Embrace the clickbait!

Anyway, I made a quine, a program that returns its own source code as a result of running it, that can change itself. It's sort of a response to this post:

by am_Unition (also maybe mk if you are interested in this). Betcha you didn't expect me returning with something :].

So what encodes the encoders? The random seed is set by the current chain of nucleotides. Then a type of mutation (add or remove a nucleotide) is selected and then it comes out as a changed source code which will now contain a mutated chain to set the random seed to a different value. Copy the source code, run it again and it will do another mutation in the same 'self-encoded' random manner.

Take that, RNA! You are just a more sophisticated version of what I hammered out in barely an hour! :P


And to think, I felt stupid before I got a notification.

Nice tho.

Edit: Devac I will open this and mess with it soon, but my python IDE takes about one hour to "check for updates". Plus, I'm writing in another language right now, and I don't wanna cross the streams :/. Do you ever get in over your head in your research commitments?

posted by Devac: 586 days ago