Sometimes the traits that bother us most in others, are really just mirrors held up to show us things we don't like about ourselves.

I believe this to be true in personal relationships. But I think it might be true in a broader context.

I haven't done the research yet... but haven't we "meddled" in our fair share of regime changes around the world? I think that people are pissed that Russia may have messed around with our precious election system... and I think secretly it bugs a lot of Muricans because we're the only country that should be allowed to futz with other peoples' governments... because MURICA.

I woke up this morning and listened to NPR on the way in to work. Of course it's all just ramblings about which one of Donald Jr's balls was being tickled by which underage prostitute while he talked to an attorney about adoption or something.... and the NPR story just.... felt... like it was circling the drain.

I get it. Trump is an ass clown. Junior and/or Senior. They did some shady, shady shit. Their entire family's life is built on a shady, shady, shitty foundation. We are getting what we deserve. But I digress...

Russia played us. I get it - we should report on it. And if Trump knowingly used this to his advantage and should get some punishment... ok. Then what, mother fuckin' Pence? Great.... just what we need...

This whole theater of who said what said when said she said THATS WHAT YOUR MOM SAID..... is wearing me out. Maybe it's the mental breakdown I had sitting in my living room last night... or maybe I'm just tired of hearing about russian hacking...

And maybe I think fuck this place... not hubski... just the US of A. Maybe 8-bit isn't as ragin' crazy as you think he is when the news report I saw last night about a couple of dads shopping in a discount store for their family BUT ZOMG THEY'RE SEX TRAFFICKERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE BROWN FUCKING SKIN HOLY FUCK DIAL 911!!!

but I digress

We played puppet master in South America, Africa, Asia.... and probably other places... and we just realized some one else just pulled on our strings.

Are we just mad that we have to look in the mirror now? It doesn't feel good when someone shows us our own love handles and back cleavage.

We don't like mirrors.

EDIT: for the record... I don't think 8-bit is crazy and never have.


First things first: 8-bit ain't crazy. I've been to Boulder (you might remember our meetup attempts). The entire state of Colorado felt like a caucasian enclave after living in TX. Houston, especially. Boulder's YikYak scene (pre-collapse) was absolutely toxic in its racism. And those peeps are my age or younger! Doesn't bode well. I hope our samurai finds a way out of there, and somewhere in the process gets himself a girl to team up with.

I apologize for championing the onslaught of anti-Trump propaganda here on Hubski. It's not something that I enjoy addressing, but no one in my meatspace is still talking about it. I find myself in a mentoring position more often than not, nowadays (yes, be very afraid), so I've been trying to get you guys to weigh in. Might help me not say anything too stupid.

My mom will tell you that we're the greatest country on Earth. I don't care if she's right or not, I'm going to join you in criticizing every (unclassified) questionable action overseas (and domestic) that my tax dollars are funding. Complacency yields stagnation. I'm always campaigning against both. And the number one thing on my agenda, by the furthest margin I've ever experienced, is getting this fuckwad and his ilk out of the goddamned White House.

Keep in mind that people in the Trump administration are banking on using the very fatigue you're experiencing for nefarious purposes. Don't look away, Steve. Puke a couple more times, hit the punching bag, and get back out there whenever you can. We need ya.

And I know that there are other incredibly important policy issues getting rammed down our Red-Scared throats. Help me list them, everyone, feel free to jump in. Off the top of my head: Net neutrality repeal, healthcare repeal, global warming denialism in general, repealing the Dodds-Frank act, general isolationism and deterioration of international diplomacy, immigration law, ...??

Thanks for sharing your sincerity, I genuinely appreciate it. I'm mad too, bro. Let's rage.

posted by steve: 347 days ago