Hey its really good. It's not artistic, it doesn't really transform super hero movies so if you're not a fan of the formula you probably won't like it (or see it anyway), but hey. It's great.

Its got some genuinely funny moments, the stakes are understandable, the villain isn't a crazy threat to the city, and Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker so far and the best spiderman easily. The action is largely clear and understandable, the story is simple and is connected to things you learned earlier in the movie.

And hey, you know what spiderman does? He stops a guy from stealing a bike. It's great. They don't just tell you how much of a good guy he is or how he's concerned with local people and their lives, he just does that. He's also a stupid high school kid who makes dumb impulsive self destructive choices, which is great.

That's my review. I can't be sarcastic or mean about it. I watched the entire movie without getting bored or confused. I was invested in the character and his weirdo friends. That's all I ask from a fun adventure film you can take your family to.


definitely my favorite spider man movie so far

posted by JTHipster: 349 days ago