Chickens: an even more thoughtful thing than we previously thought?

    A new study, published in the journal Animal Cognition, has reviewed previous research to find that, despite popular belief, chickens are intelligent and emotional animals with individual personalities.

    "Unlike many other birds, chickens are categorised as a commodity, devoid of authenticity as a real animal. But chickens have the capacity to reason and make logical inferences. They perceive time intervals and may be able to anticipate future events," he said.

    Dr Marino said that the scientific literature on chickens has historically been skewed by dominant perceptions of the bird as "cognitively simple", almost exclusively focusing on their potential as a food source.

I wrote a paper about how our perceptions of livestock has influenced the development of farming and the science around it a while back. The ghost of Descarte still haunts us to this day.


Have you ever owned chickens? Seriously having had chickens I feel less bad about eating them then I did before. I cant think of a less intelligent creature. They do not at all compare to some of the parrots that I had that were pretty darn smart

posted by lm: 352 days ago