So, A friend of mine has started a gaming service. ( HERE IT IS: ) I let him know that I cofounded Hubski and that there were a number of gaming enthusiasts here. He asked if I would share his site with you guys. I'll just go ahead and share with you the entire follow up email he sent me:

    I remember that you had offered to share our service up on Hubski! We're looking for users and feedback, and I created a promo code Hubski50 that will give anyone 1/2 off for their first year (5 bucks a month) if they sign up.

    Our website is Thank you again! Let me know if you want any more info from me about that!

    Also, I vaguely remember discussing conveyor belt sushi at Kula. If you Ed and Mark want to grab a late lunch, let me know!

So go, check out his site. Provide some feedback for the guy. Right now every single new user and new insight is helpful to him.

Thanks in advance. Now to shout-out to those that I know dig gaming:

johnnyFive, keifermiller, galen, rangergames, ButterflyEffect, francopoli, rd95, kleinbl00, mk, cgod, kantos, hyperflare, tigrisandeuphrates, Cortez, and anyone else...


He needs a better "how it works" section, preferably a page. My gut reaction is that this is some kind of scam and the site's explanation of three bullet points doesn't quell my fears.

A nice in depth (or psudo in depth) explanation of what this is and how it works would help a bunch.

Also, any words from indie developers about why this is good for them would make me feel better. Right now I'm just taking the word of a site I've never heard of.

It's a great concept, but "Pandora for games" is very new and very scary to a lot of gamers. GOG got popular on the exact opposite sentiment.

To thrive, a site like this will need to make a very appealing case to the sentimentally of modern gamers, which it currently doesn't.

posted by thenewgreen: 362 days ago