Hello there!

This time I feel a bit more confident about my paintings. So not to waste your time, I made an attempt at a composite image. This is the same painting but photographed from different angles to help you discern between three things that I tried to splice.

Next time I'm going to go for something more realistic.

EDIT: So, after this discussion occurred on IRC:

  09:42 < ThatFanficGuy> Yo, nice painting there.

09:42 < ThatFanficGuy> I like this sort of abstract art.

09:43 < ThatFanficGuy> I feel like it could use more... ordered strokes, you know?

09:46 <~Devac> I'll look into it, but I was more interested in trying to make three overlaped images instead of technique.

09:46 < ThatFanficGuy> overlapped*

09:47 < ThatFanficGuy> Really? What are the three?

I decided to leave spoilers for the things on the picture.

1. Bull charging toward the viewer, profile perspective.

2. Group of people walking from right to left.

3. A knight on a horse. Although TFG sees "a person riding a centaur backwards". I'm happy that there's at least something horse-like ;) ~


Can I ask some questions? Not about this piece, but you painting in general?

posted by Devac: 362 days ago