They being Davos, they're a bit more mealy-mouthed than that but

- We need to be saving 10-15% of salaries for retirement and we're not

- Babies born after 2007 have a life expectancy of over 100

- Workers per retiree ratio will drop by 50%

- Low economic growth has permanently hindered interest accumulation for retirement plans

- There's a 70 trillion dollar gap between pension requirements and pension funds right now, which is going to go up to 400 trillion dollars by 2050 (the world's current GDP is 74 trillion)

Find a job you like. A lot. 'cuz you're going to be doing it. Forever.


We need to start keeping a list of all the things that the Boomer Generation took full advantage of and then subsequently killed for their kids and grandkids.


Science Literacy.




If I was not in a mood full of snark I'd expand on this.

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