The linked article talks about the Curiosity rover on Mars, and analysis it is doing there. Some of it now autonomously, due to a software update.

And this got me thinking... when we go back to the Moon, when we go to Mars, are the tracks left by our vehicles, people, and landed/crashed probes protected heritage sites?

Landmarks worth protecting?

Why or why not?


The relics at the landing site will be there forever, with the caveat that there is weather on Mars. There are global sand storms for example. Most likely the tracks have a visible life of centuries, the equipment will be visible for millennia.

The stuff on the moon, however, baring meteor and asteroid impacts, will be there on the scale of tens of millions of years as there is no weather to disturb the sites.

EDIT! I knew there was an epic image to share!

posted by goobster: 640 days ago