I have a table top D&D game, we meet as often as our busy schedules allow. I play video games. I was an economics student. I've larped. I'm not a geek.

I'm a person with hobbies that I enjoy. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of them.

"Geek culture" is an effort to find a safe tight box to climb in where so can feel safe about how you feel about yourself. The world really doesn't give a fuck about geek hobbies. The world is snarky as hell about everyone and everything and if you are in the world someone is snarking at you.

Self identifying as a "Geek" means that you are next in line to be manipulated and abused by modern marketing culture. If you are clutching your shirt tails in fear of weather your culture is being embraced or exploited than you are letting yourself be exploited. If you don't give a fuck about the optics and just let yourself enjoy the things you enjoy there's a good chance you are a well rounded happy person living life in your own terms

posted by francopoli: 313 days ago