Hey everyone,

I'm going to repost what I posted on facebook to here, with all apologies.

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm looking at ways to make extra cash in anticipation of my move to Toronto for the coming school year. With that in mind, I am offering music transcription services.

    Do you have handwritten or manuscript scores that you would like digitized for ease of reading or for posterity? do you have a personal edition of a favourite piece and would like a clean copy with your own articulations, bowings, slurs etc added in?

    This is a service I can provide for you, whether it be a solo instrumental part or a fully orchestrated piece. Rates are to be decided on a piece by piece basis depending on complexity and amount of minutiae required (alternative bowings or different notes from conflicting editions for example).

    If you are interested, or know someone who might be? Please contact me (or have them contact me) via Personal Message (PM)

    Thanks everyone, and please pass this along!

Basically, I'm not working at my restaurant job anymore. I pissed off one of the owners (I refused to lie and say everything was great, basically), and while I'm also doing audio transcription right now through Rev as well as teaching music lessons, I need to make more cash to make my move to Toronto for my program more affordable.

So, i'm hoping I can use one of my other skills to get things going. If you know anybody who would need a service like this, please send them my way.

thanks, everyone.



Best of luck!

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