I've thought about dropping by, it's only one train stop away from my usual station. There's nothing to see, though, really. A bunch of dumbasses getting off on physical confrontation, apparently themselves the, errr, victims of a fake threat alleging that the statue would be taken down.

    In the seconds before the altercation, he defended his presence against a gathering angry crowd.

    "These are good memes," he said, holding up his signs that featured "Pepe the Frog" imagery as well as a Star of David.

    "Dude, this is not Comicon," another man yelled, referring to a convention of comics-lovers.

    "I know, what is it?" the alt-right supporter asked rhetorically. "I thought I was just coming to make friends."

The best embodiment of 4chan to date? Wow.

posted by bfv: 348 days ago