As much as I'd like to personally take credit for this, it's kinda hard to feel good about not doing something.

Anyhow, this probably has more to do with people my age not having the money to buy food someone else microwaved, rather than any shifting preferences away from buying food someone else microwaved.


I honestly can't remember the last time I went to a chain restaurant that wasn't McDonald's or Wendy's. With fast food I know I'm getting junk, but the annoying thing with chain restaurants ( and restaurants that value profit over all else) is the food is junk that the employees don't give a shit about because how the hell are you supposed to be passionate about reheating packaged food so there's no point in pretending. I know I'm eating junk when I order in so why put pants on to eat it in public ?

It's just greedy corporations wondering why they can't keep increasing profit by cutting costs. The graph is a parabola god dammit. Then they try being "hip" because old people trying to "get" young people has always been the best business model and it just seems so forced.

posted by Odder: 659 days ago