I'm blown away by Blondie's new album Pollinator. Absolutely everything you could possibly want from a new Blondie album.

Solid songwriting and catchy tunes, well that's a given.

They're proudly wearing their heritage on their sleeves - that opening of Long Time holy fuck is that Heart of Glass Part 2! - and modernising their sound appropriately. *

Highlights - difficult to say as I've only listened to it a couple of time. I haven't absorbed it yet, but so far...

1. Already Naked

2. Fragments

Damn, seriously maybe the whole album are the highlights. This has made my musical year so far.

* By sound I meant the music and instrumentation. The mix is way too LOUD - in the loudness war sense, but I guess it has to compete against modern releases and we're doomed in that respect.

posted by bhrgunatha: 354 days ago