Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, the lone Trump official representing the administration on Sunday public affairs shows, broadly characterized reports that Kushner might have sought such back-channel communications as “a good thing.” The comments expanded on a defense first put forward Saturday by national security adviser H.R. McMaster in a news conference in Sicily.

    “It’s both normal, in my opinion, and acceptable,” Kelly said on ABC News’s “This Week.” “Any way that you can communicate with people, particularly organizations that are maybe not particularly friendly to us is a good thing.”

The homeland security secretary and the national security adviser have spoken! It is so.


It's all perfectly reasonable:

    “I don't know who leaked this supposed conversation, but just think about it this way,” Graham told CNN’s Dana Bash. “You have got the ambassador to Russia reporting back to Moscow on an open channel, ‘Hey, Jared Kushner is going to move into the embassy.’ I don't trust this story as far as I can throw it.”

    He added, “It makes no sense that the Russian ambassador would report back to Moscow on a channel that he most likely knows we're monitoring. The whole storyline is suspicious.”

Because obviously if Kushner and Kislyak are communicating, it must be on an open channel and we must have gotten the intel on something Kislyak know's we're monitoring it's literally the only possible explanation.

You know how 2008 we had a recession that wasn't a depression and a recovery that wasn't a recovery? I think in 2017 we have an impeachment that isn't an impeachment and a recovery that isn't a recovery. Merckel's "you do you" speech is pretty much spot on.

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