General Duff received no censure for the massacre and, upon his arrival in Dublin the following day, was feted as a hero by the population who honoured him with a victory parade. General Dundas, by contrast, was denounced for having shown clemency towards the rebels. However, because of the massacre, wavering rebels were discouraged from surrendering and there were no further capitulations in county Kildare until the final surrender of William Aylmer in July. Dr Chambers (see below) considers that Lake and Duff were not in communication about the surrenders, being on opposites sides of the Curragh. Duff and his 500 men had arrived in Kildare town after a forced march from Limerick and found it sacked by the rebels, along with the piked body of Duff's nephew.

Some of my direct ancestors where, according to family lore, killed here. This was the final straw that forced most of this branch of the family to flee to America

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