Divinity is a tactical RPG that handles combat and content in a very D&D friendly way. While not build on a D&D foundation (like neverwinter or icewind) it still manages to capture the feeling of a tabletop game very well.

In the newest version of the game, they're making a GM mode. In this mode the GM is able to create maps, scenarios, and scenes in advance, and adapt fights, characters, gear, and situations on the fly.

I think it has a lot of potential to computerize the more tedious parts of table top like large scale fights, while keeping the fun bits like on the fly story telling.

Article explaining GM mode

Creepily silent walkthrough of GM mode features

A group running an actual campaign

That last one is super long but it shows off how powerful the game is with a creative controller. At one point they start throwing up on fire and use uses the tools to make little vomit pools that catch on fire and make poison clouds that effect everyone they touch. It's just really crazy that the sandbox can be used in ways that are so off the rails. I really want to try to make a campaign.


Looks like some serious fun. You've played it?

posted by Isherwood: 394 days ago