Hubski has an affectionate tradition of giving people shorter nicknames (not dissimilar from the Russian tradition of dimunitive names, which is adorable). Not everyone is blessed with one-syllable names on Hubski. The list, for such a small community, is extensive:

kleinbl00 is kb

thenewgreen is TNG

_refugee_ is ref

OftenBen is OB

blackbootz is bootz

insomniasexx is insom

johnnyFive is j5 (though I admit: I might have been the only one using it so far)

and there's me as TFG

(those are the ones I know and remember; don't mean to exclude anyone)

So, my idea is to allow registering "mention" nicknames. Those are the nicknames that, when used with the @@ sort of a mention, link to the appropriate user (for example, @TFG@ would link to /user/ThatFanficGuy). This is to aide information propagation through mentions that are quicker to type.

Each user chooses their mention (a single short nickname - that should be enough for everyone), which they set in their settings. Mention-nicknames should be allowed to change, though I don't see who would change theirs once a short name is stuck. For example, someone once called me FFguy over IRC, but I've always been TFG for everyone around.


I'm thinking that an autocomplete/suggestion functionality would probably easier to implement, and just as useful.

posted by ThatFanficGuy: 888 days ago