So the guys who run label that it's my goal to get on host a remix contest every time they release one of their own albums.

I hadn't done a remix for ages so thought this was great opportunity. The label really prizes individuality so I completely reinvent the track in my own style. It basically sounds nothing like the original, but I did try and keep some of its feature intact. It also turned out as bit more of a techy sounding piece than my other recent compositions.

I didn't win but I did manage to get an 'honorary mention' as one of their favourites. What's more, they said they'll be keeping an eye on the honorary mentions for potential future releases on the label. So that's cool.

Here's the original for comparison:



This is fucking sweet, man! I love the drums and bass on your remix. What label is it? Based solely on listening to your remix and the original, it seems like you'd fit in just fine.

posted by rezzeJ: 348 days ago