omg thanks for asking, no, you shouldn't have used the word "mansplaining" in your article, which was actually going very well, until you alienated the demographic you were looking to evangelize (and they really should have listened to your points). This, despite the fact that Senator Corbyn's disrespect of Yates was indeed palpable and reflected incredibly poorly on himself. That, despite the fact that when I was watching this thing live, and Cruz came on the microphone, I started almost frothing at the mouth.

I'm going to become history's first extremist for moderatism before this is all over. Keep filtering #seriousseason, plz unfollow me, don't subscribe, fuck off, I'm not on your side.

heh, meanwhile

edit: and dear god, engage me, so long as it isn't about climate change, because there isn't a fucking debate. I'm not responding. You know who you are.


I think it was Vox that ran a short little blurb explaining Republican support for the ACA by pointing out that the majority of Republicans in the House have no credible threat from the left but are deathly afraid of being primaried from the right. In other words, they'd rather be seen as crazy by whatever handful of Democratic voters they might theoretically have to worry about than seen as not crazy enough by whatever deep-pocketed American Enterprise Institute free-market American Taliban tea party militia wants to replace them with Michele Bachmann.

Because let's be honest. You weren't gonna vote for a single one of those fuckers anyway. Your scorn and condescension is not a threat to them.

'80s kids may recognize this narrative:

Yup. John Cornyn thinks the Soviets grew up to be Democrats.

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