According to Crunchbase, Yik Yak had raised $73.4 million in venture funding since it was founded in 2013, with a valuation approaching $400 million in 2014, its halcyon days.

    The app faced problems that were predictable for any forum offering users anonymity and a means of chatting with one another. It was plagued by cyberbullies of every kind and even banned by some schools. But all the capital and advice in the world couldn’t help it maintain its buzz.

    In 2015, Yik Yak had to admit to users that they were only masked from each other, not police officers or other authorities with a warrant. And then in 2016, security researchers with NYU, led by computer scientist and professor Keith Ross, found other ways to hack users’ personally identifiable information out of Yik Yak. Around the same time, their CTO bailed.


I liked Yik Yak.

I downloaded it to offer specials to the local college kids.

I'd say that there was a ratio of about 10 positive and 90 banal comments to each negative. I suppose that the students at the rich, sheltered and Catholic school near my house might have been much kinder than the kids at other universities.

posted by kleinbl00: 385 days ago