I wrote these on the plane this morning:

When I'm m finally clean

I get dirty again

Why climb that hill

Just to fall down it again

Why can't I be true to this love

Why must I throw it down and run

I'm a fool

But I'm your fool

Why can't I hold still

When the view gets good

Why can't I stay and enjoy it

Like I know I should

Why can't I hold on to this life

When the livings getting nice

I act a fool

But I'm your fool

There's something wrong with me

I have it all

But feel so small

Like a horder collecting smiles

He has no plan to share

He'd never dare

One day I'll wake up

And you'll be gone

Without a trace

Without a warning

And it's then that I'll realize

What I've been wanting was in your eyes

Yeah I'm a fool

A lonely fool


Dude, are you OK?

posted by thenewgreen: 474 days ago