Until now, I have only painted landscapes. My wife asked me if I thought that I could paint portraits, so I gave it a shot by painting my daughter.

I'm pretty happy with the result. There comes a point at which you can do no more, and I can stand to leave this one be. I definitely learned a lot from it. She looks paler here than IRL, and making the background black adds a bit of severity, but it was my intent to make it more of a portrait than an image. In that sense, I consider it a success. Also, if you know her, you know this expression.

John Singer Sargent said: "A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth."

Here's part of the process:


Unfortunately I don't have the very beginning on my camera.

I'm looking forward to doing a landscape again. I think this painting is going to influence my approach to them.


This is awesome

posted by mk: 448 days ago