That back-and-forth is an extension of Democrats’ soul-searching after losing an election that they thought they would win. Many Democrats believe that Mrs. Clinton erred by not making economic populism more central to her campaign against Mr. Trump, relying instead on a mix of cultural liberalism and character attacks.

    Just as the Republican establishment battled the nascent Tea Party over conservative purity after its 2008 loss, Democrats are enduring internecine strife over what it means to be a progressive.


This link in my comment might be better as a topic for a new thread, but I think it has bearing on this rift of the DNC with Sanders. The reason I think it has less to do with Mello and the democratic party is because Nancy Pelosi said in an interview that she has worked with great pro-life dems before. Mello has supported Planned Parenthood.

    Mr. Sanders and the new leadership of the Democratic National Committee touched a party sore spot this week when they took their “Unity Tour” to Omaha to rally for a mayoral candidate who opposes abortion rights.

I'm guessing that Bernie will be touching on a lot more sore spots if the class action lawsuit against the DNC goes through. I was just watching this today.

The attorney for the class action lawsuit on the Sanders' side on behalf of the campaign contributors says that the argument of the attorney for the DNC is that the DNC can choose any candidate they want without deference to the popular vote. (The actual quote is more astonishing in the video) The class action lawsuit is against the DNC for unfairly picking Clinton over Sanders in the primaries. They're seeking their campaign contributions back from the DNC.

Edit: switched to Clinton over Sanders. I had them backwards originally.

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