I'll be back later to post my story, we're about to begin writing it here shortly.


Small Album (I'm the smug POS in the NASA shirt accidentally trolling Devac with my almost-correct maths).

Major success. If I had to guess, we had somewhere around 15k people come out, and that's just for the Houston chapter. I wouldn't be surprised if the D.C. march broke 75k.

Of course, there were some great signs. I was kinda surprised to find myself the only person with a re-configurable whiteboard setup. We would intermittently write scary equations and then playful messages. My friend suggested, "I'm not a 'mad' scientist, but I am pretty disappointed", so that got written, and I also had "I'd rather be doing science", which was kinda true. I'm not going to list some of the more clever ones, there will be at least TEN INCREDIBLE LISTICLES OF PROTEST SIGNS EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE tomorrow, all across the internet, I'm sure.

There was a scientist cover band (biology slant, they changed one pop song's lyrics to be about tardigrades). The kick drum was mic'd way too much for the mix, no one was in key, they clearly are studying science when they should be practicing, etc., etc., so that was perfect. One of our profs showed up, but quickly wriggled away. Many working professionals brought their kids. Toddlers were playing and swimming in the fountain as the speakers talked for entirely too long about things we all had agreed to support already. It was awesome. :)

Probably the most inspiring thing I've been apart of in awhile. Cheers, Hubski.

posted by am_Unition: 425 days ago