Suave is near the bottom rungs of a tall price ladder in haircare. Even its affordably-priced sibling, faster-growing Tresemme, is priced slightly higher in some cases, and other Unilever offerings such as Dove, Clear, Tigi, Bed Head and Living Proof occupy higher rungs. The last, packaged in understated style not unlike Evaus, sells at $59 for a 24-ounce bottle on, or around 10 times the price of Suave per ounce at Walmart.

Full disclosure- I'm an Aveda whore but I have a hard time spending $130 on six months' worth of shampoo so about half the year or so I'm most decidedly not fancy with my shampoo. And it's not that Suave is bad shampoo? It's that Suave is bad shampoo. Anybody with long hair that's used it is now painfully aware of just how far an Instagram whore will go to pimp product - far enough to sing the praises of Suave in exchange for exposure.


So in conclusion, influencers are bullshitters? What else is new? Massive explosion of little fidget toys lately. I don't know who came up with that, but it's been spreading like a virus...

It's a really clever campaign actually - props to carrot for thinking of that! I think most people will hear the intended message that Suave is not such a crappy shampoo after all (until they buy and test it out). It's funny how they say in the interview they don't want to go for the premium market despite the fact this experiment has proven they could sell their shampoo at premium prices. Yeah right - more like you know your shampoo won't make it cause it's shitty.

posted by kleinbl00: 367 days ago