We can all picture the gilded monstrosity of the Trump home from publicity photos (chandeliers, sad boy astride a stuffed lion, golden pillars), but it is a different place through Melania’s eyes. She takes photographs inside her house at weird, skewed angles. It is a strange effect when the half-obscured objects, chairs and ceilings, are all so golden. It looks like what a terrified little girl held captive in a ogre’s fairytale castle might see when she dares to sneak a peek through her fingers.


The authors response to a comment, I found sums up my fascination with Melania.

    Every first lady before Melania has taken the incredible fortune of being married to the man who happens to be the president as an opportunity to be a public servant. She has not done that, and it is a disservice to her country. I don’t hate her, but as a member of the public I do aim to understand her. She has given us very little genuine information to go on, and this is my attempt to use public information make some sense of who she is.

posted by kleinbl00: 402 days ago